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I do not know where to even begin. I write this with a heavy heart and its not easy to put my thoughts into words.

There have been many opinions on what occurred at Electric Zoo 2013, but mine is going to be much more personal.

What I have come to love with all of my heart over the last 2 years…

The Cancelation of Electric Zoo And What It Means To Us

It’s been a tragic week for the dance music scene as 3 people have passed away due to overdosing on MDMA. At this point, every raver is aware that the final day of Ezoo has been cancelled. Following the release of this statement, ravers took to twitter to share their thoughts on the unfortunate event and the glorification of Molly. My reaction can’t fit into 140 characters so now I’m here, writing how I feel about this situation.

The Lifestyle Is Lost

One of the major flaws in our beloved scene is that the culture is disintegrating. Kids don’t go to festivals for the music, they go because what other social setting is appropriate for them to roll at? As the rave community has fully entered the mainstream, its designated purpose- which was to hear new music and dance the night away- has been lost in translation.  DJ’s are playing music that they absolutely hate, but because that’s what helps them earn big checks, thats what they will keep playing. I would probably need drugs too if all I did was sit at a mainstage and hear the same set that I’ve heard for the past three years. There is no originality. DJ’s are supposed to put their fans onto new music. I don’t care how difficult it is or god forbid they lose a couple of thousand dollars in the process. They are like educators who should be helping their community thrive. 

The Glorification of Molly:

Back when house festivals were small and not full of bandwagoners, finding molly was not a problem in any case. It was pure, and it was relatively safe. Those who did it were aware of their surroundings and were there because they ENJOYED THE MUSIC. Nowadays, whether it’s the neon tee shirts asking if i’ve seen molly, or Cedric Gervais’ popular song, taking molly is not a safe bet. Nothing is pure and nothing is safe anymore. Dealers lace their drugs with things you don’t even want to imagine. Kids must know their limit. Rolling is fun, you feel elated and care-free and nothing in the world matters except for you and the music. I dare one person to give me the positive effects of lying cold on the ground, on the verge of puking for the third time and having people look at you as being “that kid” who couldn’t control themselves or keep their body safe. Buy a drug-test kit. Let your body decide how much more it wants, not your brain. 

Final Thoughts:

The reactions I’ve seen on twitter have been convoluted to say the least. Many edm accounts have put the blame on security (which is very valid) what surprises me is those who have blamed the tip jars at the water stations. Many bartenders wrote on cardboard “tip if you have seen molly” Guys, these aren’t the people to blame. Everyone knows molly. It is a drug that has engraved its name in our community and will always be there. You cant tip-toe around the situation any longer. Personally, I found the signs to be witty and they gave me a light laugh. Did it make me want to find the most suspicious looking guy and pay him for drugs? Absolutely not. 

We’re putting the blame on the wrong people, avoiding saying molly, not educating the new generation of ravers, and becoming mischaracterized by a small group of people who simply don’t know how to enjoy themselves. Our hearts go out to the families affected, but I won’t be sitting here saying that your son, daughter, or friend had their head straight. Everyone needs to start taking responsibility for their own actions. I hope this post has proven to you that you are no expert on raves and drugs, there is no reason for anybody to act like the god of festivals and seem so mighty. Be safe, enjoy yourself, know your limits.

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DJMag top 100 vs. the djs vs. the fans

I was reading twitter this morning and saw Kaskade was tweeting a little about the djmag top 100 and his respect for Gareth Emery’s facebook post and his wish for fans to not vote for him. Which got my thinking I should share my opinion about the poll with our fans. And here it is…..DON’T VOTE DON’T GIVE THEM THAT SATISFACTION!. It’s pointless and dumb and honestly how can one even categorize their favorite djs in any order. I can just give you a list if you wish to have one but not based on any order. I base my favorites on unique sets, how they interact with their fans, as well as songs they release. 

This is kind of like the beatport chart and how irrelevant it actually is. Yea there are those songs that you just can’t help to fall in love and actually deserve to be number one such as ‘Apollo.’ But others you scratch your head and think “I can produce a better track than this.” Anyway’s back to the top 100, how can one possibly vote for their top 5? Especially the girls of rp we like a wide range of house music. From trap to dub to progressive to trance and everything in between. My taste has really changed since I’ve first gotten into enjoying house music. I started with levels (back when it was an id) and have come to liking artists such as Dillon Francis and Disclosure. And to show how much my taste varies my ipod is on shuffle and just played tiesto newly released song titled ‘love and run’ and now playing flosstardamus & dj siink ‘test me.’ Maybe if djmag somehow categorized their top djs for each genre of house it wouldn’t be so much of a joke. Then again just kidding, it’s still a huge joke. The fact that djs are paying their way into the top 100 is revolting. I show my appreciation to a dj by showing up to his sold out shows and dancing the night away, and downloading his sets and constantly trying to get a rt or a favorite from an artist (dillon francis that one is for you). So yea to anyone reading this pass it on to the djs and tell them to stop bombarding their twitters and facebooks with “vote for djmag top 100!!” Im over it.

Live love rave



There is nothing not to love about this remix.